Programs – Fly fishing
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Program #5: Fly fishing
The fly fishing program for OASIS (“Fly Rod Warriors”) will be a 5 month program usually starting in February through June. Veterans will participate in the program which are comprised of 3 Saturdays in the classroom, sessions taking place in February and March. Those sessions will include casting, fly tying, rigging, presenting the fly, how to properly dress for the conditions, safety and stream-side etiquette. Two instructors will implement this program and be the Coordinators of the program. Other instructors will be available to assist them in the program. The second part of the program will be held stream-side throughout the Lake Ontario watershed, inland waters and Finger Lakes area and will concentrate on applying the techniques learned from the classroom sessions.

The goals of the program are the same as those found in all OASIS programs: Have the Veterans receive the instruction with the appropriate equipment and support that will help them become independent in the sport. Upon graduating from the “Instructional Phase” of the program, they will enter the “Advocacy Phase” where OASIS will work with other resources (companies, individuals, etc.) who will be able to assist the Veteran in their continued participation and growth in the sport. Finally, data will be gathered from the participants and the instructors to help OASIS evaluate the effectiveness of the program in meeting its goals and make modifications as deemed necessary.