Programs – Adaptive Archery at Heritage Outdoor Sports
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Program #2: Adaptive Archery at Heritage Outdoor Sports

The archery program started in 2010 and is held at Heritage Outdoor Sports in Phelps, NY. The lessons work on the participants’ skills and shooting abilities in a relaxing and fun atmosphere which can also include families/friends in the process.

The program starts in May and can continue into late July, depending on instructor and student availability and enthusiasm. The basic skills are taught with a focus on safety and accuracy. During this time, they will be able to see improvement in their skills, shooting abilities, and accuracy. Lessons are held every Wednesday evening at Heritage Sports and the historical graduation rate for participants has been 98%. If a Veteran does not meet the criteria to graduate, we simply schedule the Veteran to continue in the program so that they can successfully complete the following season. Upon graduation, we work with those Veterans who would like to purchase their own equipment so they can continue in the sport. Heritage is able to give each vet a significant price reduction for equipment, and OASIS has funds budgeted to assist Veterans in paying for the equipment.

The Vets are invited to continue shooting at Heritage and are encouraged to participate in shooting leagues
. The Veterans then have an opportunity to not only become a safe and efficient archer, but they have also been able to meet and interact with many people who share the same passion and also want to help Veterans in their recovery.