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Welcome – Who We Are

OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc. (Outdoor Adventures for Sacrifice in Service) is a non-profit organization offering instruction, equipment and support to disabled military veterans in a variety of sports activities. We assist these veterans in reconnecting and resuming productive lives in society through participation in outdoor recreational activities that promote independence, and social and emotional well-being. Our mission is to do everything possible to make each outdoor experience meaningful and thereby help the veteran regain physical and mental health, with formal evaluations done by professionals in these fields. We differ from other organizations offering primarily event-type outdoor experiences to veterans by adding an evaluation and an advocacy phase to each veteran’s participation in each of our programs.
OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc. is located in the Finger Lakes Region of western New York State, and our intent is to serve the needs of disabled veterans in the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area (RMSA), which includes Monroe, Livingston, Orleans, Ontario, Wayne and Genesee counties.
OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc. prohibits discrimination against current or prospective participants, family members, and volunteers on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristics in any of its programs and activities.

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Please send checks to:
OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc.
4 Honeoye Commons
PO Box 706
Honeoye, NY  14471

We need your help.
The vast majority of donations goes for training of volunteer instructors, programs and equipment as well as the transportation, lodging, and meals of the participants.
The Vision
OASIS Adaptive Sports' vision is that every challenged veteran in the Greater Rochester area has had an opportunity to participate in an OASIS program, and through that, be afforded a positive life experience that nurtures and sustains them.
The Mission
The mission of OASIS Adaptive Sports is to provide disabled military veterans the instruction, equipment and support to participate in outdoor recreational experiences, and thereby to help them regain their physical and mental health and aid their transition back into the mainstream of life.
OASIS Board of Directors:

Hugh Turner
Board Chairman

Vito Vasiliauskas (US Marine Corps Vet)

Bob Haslinger

Beth DeFranco
Vice Board Chairman & Past President

Dr. Stacy (Fogarty) Harris (US Air Force Vet)
Board Member

Each Board member serves on a strictly unpaid/volunteer basis.

OASIS Adaptive Sports, Inc.

4 Honeoye Commons
PO Box 706

Honeoye, New York 14471
(585) 229-8000
Click Here for a copy of our annual report.